Social events


Date & time: Monday, September 02nd, 2013, 1900h

Location: Student Club, Faculty of Electronic Eng., Niš

Price: Free of charge


Conference dinner

Date & time: Tuesday, September 03rd, 2013, 2100h

Price: 20 Euros to be paid at the Registration desk



Date & time: Wednesday, September 04th, 2013, 900h

Location: Kopaonik – national park

Price: 30 Euros to be paid at the Registration desk

Kopaonik is one of the larger mountain ranges of Serbia. It is located in the central part of Serbia, while a small portion extends to North Kosovo. Its highest point, Pančić’s Peak, is 2,017 m (6,617 ft) above sea level. Kopaonik is the major ski resort of Serbia, with total of 25 ski lifts with capacity of 32.000 skiers per hour.

The national park of Kopaonik is situated in a relatively flat region, at an altitude of about 1,700 m (5,577 ft). This central Kopaonik plateau is called Suvo Rudište. It is surrounded by mountain peaks. To the north and northwest of this plateau stretches Banjski Kopaonik, which is the location of Jošanička Banja spa, whose strong springs’ waters reach the temperature of 88 °C (190 °F). Directly below the Suvo Rudište plateau starts the attractive and picturesque valley of the Samokovska River, characterized by its steep run, numerous rapids, falls and gorges. Kopaonik has over 200 sunny days annually and over 160 days covered by snow. The national park spreads over 118.1 km2 (45.6 sq mi) of the central part of the Kopaonik plateau and was established in 1981.


Kopaonik national park


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 Cocktail, September 02nd, 2013

 Conference dinner, September 03rd, 2013

 Excursion, September 04th, 2013

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