Robin Hood Solver v2.0

During the course of the ПЕС 2013 Conference participants will be able to hear a presentation by the Artes Calculi Ltd. entitled: “Solving, analyzing and optimizing electrostatic configurations using Robin Hood Solver v2.0″.

2Robin Hood Solver is a software package for electrostatic modeling, analysis, visualization and optimization. It easy very easy to use, produces accurate results and has impressive visualization engine and many other advanced features.


3We will demonstrate how you can use Robin Hood Solver to create and solve electrostatic models – from simple to the more complex ones. We will show how Robin Hood Solver can be used to quickly and easily set-up and solve electrostatic problems with various boundary conditions, precise calculation and attractive visualization of electric field and potential, estimation of Faraday cage shielding capabilities, capacitance and capacitance matrix of arbitrary electrode configuration which is of special importance in capacitive sensor development.


We will also show how the results of the calculation can be post-processed and 1visualized in order to quickly grasp the meaning of the obtained numbers – with color-coding on the model, usage of color palettes and color contours and visualization of electric field and potential using cones.


Advanced features such as Lua scripting, export/import of data to/from other tools 4(using standard file formats such as DXF or STL) will be also discussed and we will show Robin Hood Solver’s advanced task-based concept which enables the user to easily go back to any previously performed operation and change it, thus also changing all subsequent operations.